Get to Know Me
and My Passion Behind BAAM

"The relationship between massage and BAAM came through my clients. It's the need to connect people with their bodies and stop focusing on what's wrong with us vs. what is right. As the tech world has evolved, it’s created more anxiety and less connection within ourselves."


Diane Mastnardo

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been a licensed massage therapist in Ohio since 1999. Mastnardo Massage Therapies was started in 2001 with a focus on a holistic approach to wellness utilizing education and self-awareness through the specificity of touch to maintain a healthier pain-free life.

I am also the founding director of Massage Northern Ohio (MNO-PBRN), a massage therapy practice-based research network. Collaboration with The Center for Reducing Health Disparities and Case Western Reserve Practice-based Research Network Shared Resources developed an avenue for clinical massage therapists to collaborate. The goal of MNO-PBRN is to support the generation of evidence-based knowledge on effective and consistent massage therapy treatments and to develop pathways for the integration of the practice of massage therapy into conventional health care.


Breathing, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Movement

When my son was in fifth grade, his teachers mentioned the students were struggling to learn after recess and lunch. Together we realized the children were developing anxiety and did not know how to cope with it. We asked the question, “Why aren’t we teaching students the skills to manage stress and emotions in school?”

It was then that I collaborated with a certified aromatherapist/yoga instructor colleague to combine the components of our work. These components engage four neurological
inputs to help students and teachers discover techniques to increase focus and decrease anxiety: Breathing, Acupressure,  Aromatherapy, and Movement, or BAAM! BAAM directly affects symptoms of anxiety and can be used to increase focus and regulate emotions, skills that can assist in improving self-regulation both in school and social settings.


Serving massage therapy clients in Northeast Ohio.