Providing tools to connect with our natural healing process.


What is BAAM?

BAAM is a set of tools developed by
Mastnardo Massage Therapies to engage
people and strengthen their body literacy.


  • Decreases symptoms of anxiety in the classroom, social situations, and home

  • Provides social and emotional tools at your fingertips

  • Self-care techniques — connecting with our natural healing potential



BAAM offers free consultations because it's essential that we understand your goals in order to provide the best approach for success.


BAAM provides a variety of workshops and support tailored to fit your needs and goals.

Proven Results

In partnership with a Lorain County Middle School results showed:

  • 19% decrease in disciplinary action 
  • 10% increase in kids never feeling angry
  • 5.3% never feeling sad
  • Increase in attendance

BAAM technique was taught and practiced to over 200 students, for 10 minutes per session, over an 8 week period. Focus areas for evaluation included: disciplinary action, emotional wellbeing, and attendance.


Survey Feedback

When I did the breathing it helped me focus on what we are learning. And when we did the movement it helped me stay still in my chair.

After each session, I felt much calmer. The aromatherapy helped to relax me. The breathing helped to slow my mind down. Also the acupressure kind of made me freeze and just melt away. And the movement helped me to just calm down.

When I use these techniques I often find that they relieve stress, nervousness, and headaches. I also find that it is easier to get work done and do a better job when I use these techniques.

Cleveland Leadership Center

2020 Accelerate Finalist!

On February 27, 2020, Diane, along with her son Jacque pitched BAAM's vision at Accelerate 2020. They were finalists in the Health & Wellness category.

Watch them in action!

BAAM at Cleveland Leadership Center Accelerate 2020