Aromatherapy enhances both physical and emotional health. This kit includes both a full-size roll-on and inhaler.

Movement increases our circulation to improve mental health, reduce anxiety, and decrease stress.

This care package includes:

  • 10ml essential oil roll-on
  • Aromatherapy inhaler
  • QR Code (for a fun movement challenge)
  • BAAM brochure

There's also an option to add a little message to be included with your gift.

Roll-on & Inhaler Aromatherapy & Movement Care Package

10ml Roll-on Scent Choice
Inhaler Scent Option
  • We are two Avon Lake High School Seniors, who during these difficult times, want to reduce the stress for ourselves and everyone around us! We’ve created these care packages for local teachers, coaches, families, and students and asking the recipients to engage with us on social media. We hope to bring our community together in support of one another while reducing stress and anxiety using the BAAM Technique. If you'd like to get involved or help in the establishment of BAAM, please contact us directly at