Let's Collaborate Together

BAAM is an innovative technique that addresses emotional and mental health at its core. Please contact us to discuss which workshop is best for you.

Mini-Presentation Workshop

This workshop is an intro to the four BAAM techniques done in a group setting to accommodate 8-50 people.

One Day Presentation Workshop

This workshop is an expansion of the mini-presentation, offering multiple introduction sessions to meet your staffing needs and accommodate multiple schedules.

The Complete BAAM Package Workshop

This workshop includes the Mini-presentation, weekly lessons on each technique, along with pre and post evaluations. This program lasts a total of 10 weeks.

Post Complete BAAM Package Workshop Support 

We will work with you to identify your needs and develop a program development that is right for you.

Woman performing Tibetan sound healing therapy
Woman performing acupressure on temples
Woman holding a hula hoop behind the back of her head